2020 SLLS Summer School on

Longitudinal and Life Course Research


NCCR LIVES and Geneva School of Social Sciences,

University of Geneva, Switzerland

24th - 28th August 2020



From August 24th to August 28th, the 2020 SLLS Summer School on Longitudinal and Life Course Research will be organized by Prof. Matthias Studer at the NCCR LIVES, University of Geneva. Registration is open until May 31st – the number of participants is limited!

Life course research is a burgeoning, interdisciplinary field of studies. It is characterized by theoretical approaches that reflect and inform diverse areas such as sociology, demography, epidemiology, economics, psychology, and social biology. It is also characterized by a set of commonly-used quantitative research methods, such as event-history analysis, multi-level modelling, structural equation modelling and sequence analysis that span disciplinary boundaries.

The Summer School is intended for post-doctoral fellows and postgraduate research students who are interested in exploring the potential of longitudinal and life course research or who want to further develop their existing skills.

Themes Being Covered Include:

  • Sociology and Demography of the Life Course

  • Life Course Epidemiology

  • Life Course and Genetics

  • Event History Techniques

  • Multilevel Models for Life Course Processes

  • Structural Equation Models (SEM) for longitudinal data

  • Sequence Analysis Approaches



Stéphane Cullati (University of Fribourg), Paolo Ghisletta (NCCR LIVES and University of Geneva), Hill Kulu (University of St Andrews), Ross Macmillan (University of Limerick), Dimitri Mortelmans (University of Antwerp), Karel Neels (University of Antwerp), Michael Shanahan (University of Zurich), Matthias Studer (NCCR LIVES and University of Geneva), Eric Widmer (NCCR LIVES and University of Geneva) and Emilie Joly-Burra (NCCR LIVES and University of Geneva).

summer school students.jpg

Keynote Speaker


Professor Marlis Buchmann

University of Zurich, Switzerland