Information for Presenters & Chairs

Sessions with 4 papers = 90 minutes (17 minutes presentation time per paper, with 5 minutes Q&A time following each)


Sessions with 5 papers = 120 minutes (18 minutes presentation time per paper, with 5 minutes Q&A time following each)

Individual paper and symposia presentations can be accompanied by Powerpoint slides, handouts etc. If using Powerpoint, please bring with you a copy of your presentation on a memory stick, and if you have time


Poster Presentations

For design and print purposes, poster dimensions should be: 70cm wide x 100cm high (portrait).


Please bring you poster with you on the morning of Monday 9th July 2018 and hand over to a member of staff on the registration desk. Posters will be put up for you and will stay on view until the morning of Wednesday 11th July.


Please label your poster and poster tube clearly for ease of collection on the Wednesday morning.

send a copy of your Powerpoint presentation, via email, to Cat Westlake - it will be kept as a back-up file for you. IT assistance will be on hand over the three days of the conference to help with any technical issues.


Chairs: Please try and keep speakers to the allotted presentation time. Chairs will be given 5, 2 and 1 minute time cards to show presenters time remaining. Chairs will open up the floor to questions after each presentation. N.B. In most cases convenors of symposia will also Chair their sessions.


We also have one other small ask of our Chairs! In order to promote the posters on display we have matched each poster to a parallel session. We ask that Chairs remind attendees at the start and/or end of the session that if they are interested in the topic, then please visit poster number ‘x’ by ‘person x’.

We will supply Chairs with a list of all posters and their corresponding poster/s. We will supply printed reminders in the rooms of the matching poster/s to go with each session.