In 2012, Longview, the Think Tank for longitudinal studies, gave birth to the Society for Longitudinal and Lifecourse Studies (SLLS). The Society has grown as an international association of researchers committed to studies on  a wide range of issues, and from a wide range of disciplines, united in their commitment to the value of longitudinal and lifecourse perspectives. 


In 2013, the trustees decided that Longview should be integrated with the Society, with the specific aim of strengthening in an international and comparative context the Society’s policy-relevant work. This was agreed by the SLLS Executive Committee. As a result, Longview will retain its status as a company limited by guarantee, but will from now on operate under the aegis of the Society.   


Please also remember that another of Longview’s creations, the international and interdisciplinary journal Longitudinal and Life Course Studies (LLCS), now published by the Society, is also flourishing.


We thank all of the Longview trustees and benefactors and those associated with Longview for their contributions over the years, and look forward to the future work of Longview within the Society.